Responsive Business Analytics

enable management based on informed decisions

Why do it?

It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be. (Isaac Asimov)

Modelling and Analysis

Tailor-made spreadsheet models, with or without Monte Carlo evaluation of risk and uncertainty, project planning / scheduling, process modelling, and discrete event simulation. Analysis of model outputs and other data to provide the information required to support business decisions

Independent Model Testing

Have you built the right model, and have you built the model right? Most models (initially) contain errors, and independent validation and verification identifies those errors so that the decisions are not misinformed: numeric testing, formulaic testing, and testing by replication.

Modeller Training

Industry best practice is about efficient modellers who produce accurate, comprehensible models. Training enables the modellers to adopt best practice, both in the use of Excel, and in the processes which go into the development of a good model.

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Dashboard / Control Panel

Interfaces designed to make models easy to use, yielding the information you need. Often include scenario selection and sensitivity analysis.

Numeric Testing

Inserting values into the model which should give predictable outputs: sufficient test for some models, or a preliminary test for others.

Classroom Training

Courses tailored to your needs. Normally up to 8 delegates to ensure each delegate can have one-to-one time with the trainer.

Monte Carlo Analysis

This technique is used for the evaluation of the impact of uncertainty, risks, and opportunities on the outcomes.

Formulaic Testing

This involves checking whether every formula is right, but it is accelerated by first identifying the unique formulae.


Allows modeller training to be tailored precisely to the individual's needs: fast learning, but without the interaction of the classroom.

Discrete Event Simulation

Allows modelling of complex multi-variable processes, quickly exploring the performance of different options.


Do the intentions of the modeller match the needs of the model users, and have they been realised?

Process Mapping/Modelling

Once you understand your 'as is' processes, you have a basis for improving them, and your enterprise.


Some complex models are best tested by comparing outputs with an independently-built equivalent.

Project Planning & Scheduling

Planning in appropriate detail is essential for both the estimation and the implementation of a project.

Best Practice (Spreadsheets)

There is no universally accepted 'best practice', but many principles are widely accepted, and adhered to by us.

Skills, Tools and Experience

deliver the analysis which informs your decisions

Company Background

Formed in 2000, Faneuil Management Limited was originally a consultancy for bid and proposal management.  From 2005, frequent involvement with complex, long-term projects involving on-going support led to specialisation in modelling and analysis to quantify the probable outcomes, thereby facilitating better decisions.

Analytics Resources

Ian Martin is the Principal Consultant, and he has over 25 years as a specialist in providing quantified answers to business questions.  He is supported as required by a team of associates who have complementary skills, with access to a suite of modern modelling tools.


The customer base of Faneuil Management Limited includes BAE Systems, Claverham Ltd., EDS Defence, Fujitsu, MoD, Raytheon, Thales, and VT Aerospace, either as direct clients or through association with a 'lead' consultancy such as Shipley.

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